Heritage Beasts

Today is #heritagebeasts day on Twitter, so we have delved into one of our favourite photograph albums, belonging to the Whitmore family. The albums include animals ranging from the domestic, to the farmyard, to warhorses, to the exotic.

Theses pictures are taken from D/DWt Z/8, but there are several albums catalogued under the reference D/Dt3; you can view a list here.

Dogs Reckless and Nipper

1920s turkeys

Chargers Dunmow and Rufus at the end of the First World War

Prize winning bull, Essex Agricultural Show, 1928

And to finish, a couple of mysteries for you:

Can you spot the… well, we’re not 100% sure exactly what it is, but it’s in central Africa


Central Africa, 1928. Any guesses what they are doing? Check the comments box for the answer